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Donley's parking garage planner will help you and your staff explore and define your needs for a new parking facility, including such key areas as:

  • General Requirements (i.e. number of spaces; number of floors; size of site to build on)
  • Structural Systems (i.e. precast, cast-in-place, steel)
  • Architectural (brick finish, formliner, etc.)
  • Site Issues

Once you have completed the planning exercise, you will have two alternatives. You can choose to generate a summary report only (in Adobe PDF format), or generate a report and request a complimentary estimate from Donley's. If you choose the latter option, copies of your report will automatically be sent to you and our staff of nine (9) full-time cost estimators. We will then study your report and contact you shortly (usually within one week) with a complimentary parameter cost estimate.

Don't worry if there are some (or more than some) questions in the planner that you do not have answers for at this time. Just leave them on the "Unknown" default. Keep in mind, however, that the more information you provide will allow us to generate a more detailed and accurate parameter cost estimate.

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